Custom Test Reports

We have the widest coverage of supported water purveyors that you will find.

Even if yours is not set up, we can create one for you with a custom test form.

Supported Water Purveyors

We recognize that water utilities require unique backflow test reports, and we have a vast collection of reports for water purveyors. Can’t find yours in our library? We’ll create it, and quickly! Whether you need one test report created or ten, we’ll create them free of charge during your trial period.

Our coverage of water purveyors includes every state in the U.S. With your provided zip code, we show the water districts within 50 miles to easily choose which ones you’d like to set up. Don’t live in the United States? No problem! We can easily make configuration changes to work with other countries as well.


Are you required to submit tests online? SynctaOne is our patent-pending technology that makes it possible to automatically submit test results into a purveyor’s online system. This prevents you from having to enter all that data twice. When you get to the submission stage, click one button and SynctaOne will automatically log into the online system and submit the results on your behalf.

Need further security?

Each test report is automatically populated with the tester’s signature when testing is completed. The tester adds their signature one time and we take care of the rest. But what happens if your area requires further security and validation? We’re the only solution available today that has the ability to sign PDF test reports using the same technology that banks are using to sign mortgage documents.

Learn more here – Signatures: One isn’t always as valid as the next

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