Features, Features, and More Features!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We have been working hard to implement features from the list of requests our customers have made. In this blog I will highlight a few of the features and options that we think will help you the most.

QuickBooks Online Automated Sync

Our direct integration with QuickBooks Online is ready to be turned on for you! If you are interested in using it, go to the Invoicing Options page under Administration and select the Connect to QuickBooks button:

After you have connected to QB Online, we just need to know what you want to have sync. We can do one-way or two-way synchronization. The default configuration is for two-way synchronization of customer and invoice information. This means that updates made to customers and invoices in Syncta will be pushed over to QB, and vice versa.

Reach out to us if you would like to chat more about this integration. To learn more about QuickBooks, please visit their website for more information: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/small-business/accounting


When uploading a picture or a document you no longer need to refresh the page to take action on it. Right after it has completed uploading you will see it listed with all the buttons.

When on the show device page, you can now see all of the attachments for tests that were performed previously. This makes it really easy to review images uploaded during past tests that could help you find a backflow device or see what issues they may have been experiencing.

Tracked Email Problems

From the Dashboard you have always been able to see how many tracked email problems you have experienced within the past month:

In the past you would have to wait until the email problem was 30 days old before it would disappear from the list, even if you had resolved the problem. With our latest change you can now mark which ones you have taken care of so they no longer appear on the list.

You can do this one at a time or use the Select All button to mark them all at one time:

Expiring Credit Cards

One of our latest changes should help you stay ahead with invoicing. We have a new option on the Dashboard that provides you with a list of credit cards you have stored for customers that will be expiring soon.

After selecting this item we will show you the customer information, last 4 digits of the card, expiration date, and the date the last test was performed for them. This makes it easy to stay in front of customers that you no longer have a valid card to charge for their testing.

Search Deleted Records

Just a quick reminder, don’t forget you can search for any of the customers, service locations, devices, and tests that you have deleted. Just make sure you set the Include Deleted Records option to yes, or deleted only.

Coming soon…

Clustered Map Pins

As of today, if there is more than one map pin in the same exact location, you have no way of knowing or taking action on it. This can be very difficult to manage when creating routes.

A new feature will be released this week that will make it possible to not only see them but it will allow you to select them as well. Keep an eye out for more information on this new feature when it is released!

Held Tests

We have a new feature that is currently being tested by some customers. It is a new section where tests are automatically added when a test fails and is not immediately retested.

Normally, these tests would transition to a Pending Retest status. But with this new feature enabled, they first go to a Pending Retest Hold status and can be managed on the Held Tests page. Tests in this status will not appear in the Available Stops list when routing or scheduling.

When you are ready to perform the repair and/or retest then you can release it using the Release Hold button:

Whether you need customer approval or you need to acquire the parts to perform the repair, this new status will help you better manage your workflow by hiding tests that are not ready to be routed. We can turn it on for you as well, if you are interested just let us know!

We love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please reach out and let us know if there is anything else we can add to save you time. 🙂


Features, Features, and More Features!

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