Failed Tests: just as important as Passed Tests!

Initially we had created a platform where passed backflow tests were submitted electronically to water purveyors. We expected that the failed tests that weren’t immediately cleaned or repaired would be a rarity–something that would occur so little that we would simply cross that bridge when we got to it. While we did cross that bridge when we arrived, we sure got to that bridge earlier than we expected.

Most backflow testers would agree that it’s atypical to have more than a few failed tests, even on the busiest of days. I had lunch with a customer a couple weeks ago. He told me that he had 7 failed backflow tests at the same property–all in the same day. How in the heck is that even possible? (Well, more than likely, there’s something not-so-awesome in the water supply, but that’s beside the point.) While he was able to clean and repair the smaller devices on the spot, there was an 8″  double-check that he couldn’t repair immediately. So at the end of his work day, he then had to manually save the PDF’s of the failed reports and email them out. While it was better than having to print them out, then scan them (like he did before he used Syncta), it was an extra step and extra time. Time is valuable.

To Clean or Not to Clean

Many backflow testing companies don’t even repair or clean failed tests. This is more common than I had realized!

States have different requirements on how they accept failed backflow tests reports. Some require them by the due date for all backflow tests to be submitted, and then they are given a set amount of time to have them repaired. Others require failed backflow reports be submitted within a certain amount of time after having been tested. Idaho just implemented new requirements as of June 2016; now, failed test reports are due to the water purveyors within 48 hours of being tested. This doesn’t leave a lot of room for time associated with snail mail!

The Importance of Failure

Recognizing the importance of electronically submitting failed test reports, we set out to fix things.

As of last week, you can now easily submit failed backflow tests to the water purveyors, just as you can submit passed ones. We preach going paperless and being more efficient, and this is one way we want to make sure that we hold true to our standards.

Interested in giving us a try, and reducing your papework? Check us out free for 60 days, no strings attached. 

Failed Tests: just as important as Passed Tests!

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