How example data can help with on-boarding

Setting up a new system to work with can be difficult! At Syncta, we’re happy to do walk-throughs and web-shares to help our customers adjust smoothly. In addition, we also have youtube videos and blog articles to help guide you through the ins-and-out of how the program works. Sometimes though, you might just need a little more! After all, while our program is intuitive and saves you time, you still have to learn it!

The most common question from new customers deals with what they can expect as a typical day with Syncta. Up until recently, we’d give a quick idea of how we see the program working. But not everyone uses it exactly the same way – that’s true for most products, especially workflow applications. For example, I use quickbooks in a different order than the next person. This past week, it donned on us: set up new customers with some example data. So we did! Sometimes we don’t see the forest for the trees because we’re so close to the product, when a simple answer is pretty obvious.

Let’s make onbarding easier

With our example data, you’ll be able to start testing right away to see how it will fit into your business. While there are only 3 example customers and 5 example tests, it gives new customers an idea of what their actual data will look like when we migrate it in. This means after you enter just your basic info, you don’t have to do more housekeeping right away. Instead, you can jump right in and easily understand what your customer database can look like! Now, you can get a feel right away for how your backflow business can run smoother. With the example data you can do anything you normally would with real customers – fill in test reports, create backflow devices, and even submit completed reports to a test water purveyor. Don’t worry – that test report goes to Syncta, so you can play around with it as much as you want! When you’re done with the example data, you can leave it there to reference as you move forward, or delete completely once you feel comfortable.

It’s always our goal to make Syncta easy to use. From on-boarding, to daily use, we want to make sure it’s intuitive and helpful – not the opposite! Let us know how else we can help make Syncta a product that is perfect for your backflow testing business.

How example data can help with on-boarding

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