Easier Routing with Navigational Icons

If you’re like many of our customers, you probably don’t have one device per customer per address. Many of our customers test for property management companies, large corporations, and apartment complexes that span over multiple areas. Testing backflow prevention devices for clients that own different properties doesn’t mean you’ll test each of those places on the same day – that could make for a lot of driving and a huge time sink. In many instances, the devices aren’t even in the same water district. With potentially different due dates, you might be better off testing a customer’s devices on different days.

Navigational icons

This is one of the reason we recently added more navigational buttons. Before, when you saw an customers’ list of devices, you could easily add them to a route. Now, when you see a specific device you want to test, you can click on the handy navigational icon. You’ll be taken to the map so you can see where the backflow device is located.

If you’re browsing customers, you’ll also see navigational icons right beside each address. If you’re unsure of where a device is, click the nav icon and you’ll open a map to lead to where it is! This is super handy if you’re not familiar with an area in town and want to see where a device is in comparison to others.

Beta: Scheduling

This feature leads pretty well into another feature we’re working on: scheduling. This has been a big undertaking for us, mostly because we want to make sure we do it right. Taking some customer input into consideration, we compiled a list of things that we needed and began building this feature out in early November. We still consider scheduling to be in a Beta stage. November? That’s been 6 weeks! True, but hey! Gmail was in Beta for 5 years. Our customers have used Syncta in ways we had never intended – scheduling has been a higher request than we had expected.

So where are we at with scheduling? Currently, we’re checking to make sure it runs as smoothly as we want. This means that we’re making sure the “my day” and managing the individual schedules is intuitive, not clunky. We also ran across a speedbump when we realized we created a platform that doesn’t allow scheduling on the weekends. One of our developers came to me yesterday and said, “yeah, but testers wouldn’t ever test on the weekend, right?” Wrong. As a backflow tester in the summer, my weekends were just as busy as my weekdays!

We wre trying to clean up the scheduling component pages as much as possible – their thoughts were great; if we could trim 2 days out of 7 off of a calendar display, that’s a lot of space! Unfortunately of course, most testers do at least occasionally work over the weekends. So, now we’re making some adjustments there. Developing a product we’re proud to have you use is important. Feel free to use the beta feature, and let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to consider.

The great thing about Syncta though is as soon as we “finish” a feature, we get awesome recommendations on how we can make it better – customer input and feedback, both as specific requests and thoughtful less-refined suggestions, continue to lead Syncta to be the best backflow testing management software on the market.

Easier Routing with Navigational Icons

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