Drinking Water Week 2017 – This is what we’re doing to help.

It’s Drinking Water Week! Enforcing backflow testing regulations may just be one part of insuring clean water – but it’s an important one, and we do what we can to help ensure clean drinking water.

Our most recent updates to Syncta help you run your backflow testing business smoother. That way, you can be a major player in keeping drinking water clean.

New Feature Updates

Auto-Collapse Display Boxes

Now, you can change display boxes to be collapsed by default, rather than be defaulted to open. Screen space is valuable – especially smaller ones like tablets, laptop computers, or smartphones. If you would prefer to have display boxes closed by default, simply change that in settings under company options.

You can decide which pages your company auto expands or collapses to scroll quickly through pages.

Once you’ve selected which pages you’d like auto-collapsed, make sure to update your company at the bottom, and you’re on your way to saving space on your screen!

Star Icon Next To Customer Name

Wondering what those cute stars are by seemingly random customer names? Wonder no more!

Any portal user is indicated by an outline of a star.

The full star highlights the customers that have credit card information on file. If your company has Stripe Connect set up, these customers will automatically be charged for their backflow tests once you’ve approved them. No need to mail an invoice, and no need for a customer to send a check. Hey, it is 2017 after all!

Capture Payment Information

While we’re talking about Stripe Connect, let’s look at another update regarding customer payments.

Rather than requiring the customer to enter their credit card on the Portal, you can now enter the card while in the field or enter their credit card information over the phone. Once entered on the customer page, you will only see the last four digits of the card, as well as the expiration date.

You can learn about how to set up stripe from our support doc that Brock put together. It’s straight-forward and quick, and can allow you to accept payments from customers online.

Recovering a Deleted Customer

Accidentally delete a customer? No worries! We’ve added an easy way to recover them.

Before this was enabled, if you accidentally deleted a customer, we’d recover it for you behind the scenes.

You can easily see customers you’ve deleted and restore them. Simply navigate to the customers page, and then select “Deleted Customers” at the top right corner. Find the customers you’d like to restore, and select the “restore” button.

Let us know how we can help you!

These are a few of the ways we’re improving our product, so you can do the hard work in the field to ensure clean drinking water. What other options and features would you find most useful? Let us know – we welcome feedback!

Drinking Water Week 2017 – This is what we’re doing to help.

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