Dog School – aka A Pet-Friendly Workplace

As I talked about a little in my previous blog, I recently rejoined the workforce after going back to school for two years. I was so excited to look for my new job and wanted to make sure the position I chose was the absolute perfect fit! I made a list of the things that were important to me, and employee benefits was at the top of my list. The benefits I was looking for were expansive. I’m 55, but I want to work for another 20 years – at least! I wanted to find a place where I would be happy, so I was going to be picky. It might sound kind of funny, but one of the main perks I wanted was a pet-friendly office.

I did a search on using that as one of the key terms. I found a few interesting sounding jobs, but they were in downtown Portland. They were awesome opportunities, but I have an issue with parking downtown (that could be a blog post in itself) and was hoping to find a company somewhere outside of the heart of the city. It looked bleak – all the advertised dog-friendly jobs were downtown. So, I gave up a dog-friendly office as one of my top criteria and decided to do a search in Beaverton.

The first result that came up was my job at Syncta! It sounded promising. A start-up software company? Check! Beaverton location with parking? Check! Good benefits and compensation? Check! I went to the website and kind of snooped around and looked at the profile of our company’s founder, Jeremiah. It was obvious to me that THIS GUY LOVES DOGS! So, I was hopeful.

Interviewing for this job was intense to say the least! I had several phone interviews before I finally came into the office for my face-to-face interviews with Brock, Jeremiah, and Sasha. Everything went very well. I knew from the get-go that this was a company I could really click with. The moment I knew for sure though, was when Sasha asked me what I do to relieve stress. I told her that I used to work out a lot, but that hanging out with my dog is now my favorite way to relax. We started talking about our dogs and she told me that they bring their dogs in almost every day! By the time I left, I knew this was the team I wanted to work with. I really wanted this job!

Most days we have a dog in the office here at Syncta. My dog Nala thinks she should be here every day! The other dogs that get to come to “Dog School,” as we refer to our canine rotation, are Bernadette, Gordon, Hercules, and little Toast! So far, none of the team’s feline family have ventured in, but you never know!

We’re growing at Syncta and will of course be hiring new employees along the way. I mentioned to Diana the other day that I thought we should list our pet-friendly work environment to help recruit and keep the best talent! The ability to bring a dog to work just might be a job seeker’s deciding factor in choosing a company!

I’m from Bend, where there are a lot of breweries, to say the least. 😊 The reason that 10 Barrel Brewing is my favorite is because they allow their drivers to drive with their dogs! This led me to wonder how many of our backflow testers out there can bring their furry friends with them on their routes each day. I would be happy to hire a tester or plumber that brought a dog out to the job! Maybe bringing that cute dog along would be a way to ensure repeat business, year after year? Works for me!

Dog School – aka A Pet-Friendly Workplace

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