Choose your customer’s backflow device easily with our filter

There are 25 manufacturers of backflow devices, 20 sizes, multiple device types, and hundreds of models.  When you’re in the field testing a new customer’s device, the last thing you want to be doing is scrolling….and scrolling…and scrolling through devices! Being able to filter the devices shown can cut down on that. 

Initially when we were brainstorming on device selection, we thought, Let’s just allow testers to write in the device model. What happened was exactly what we should have expected–there were multiple versions of the same model. Sometimes there would be a dash, other times there would be spaces.  I received a call from a customer that said he knew he had entered a device but when he searched for it, he couldn’t find it. The reason? His tester had input the number 2 instead of the letter Z. We knew we had to clean up the selection process!

So we realized—Wouldn’t it make more sense if you could filter from the list of approved backflow device types?

Time for Us to Get to Work

First, we compiled the devices from our customers and normalized them. This means that companies no longer see multiple versions of the same device. Wilkins 950XLT2 is just that–no 950-XLTZ, no random spaces like 950 XL t 2. This makes finding devices a whole lot easier in your search!

After that, we imported the rest of the USC list of approved backflow prevention devices. We’ll continue updating it each time the list is updated.

Let’s save you time

With so many models, you can now sort and filter which backflow devices you see based on size, manufacturer, and device type. When you select any one of those, the models are limited to those aspects.  We want to make testing backflow easier and quicker–not add time in unnecessary ways.

Check out how simple it is to find the backflow device you’re entering!

Choose your customer’s backflow device easily with our filter

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