Changing Backflow Tracking Software is hard – we’re making it a lot easier

The Backflow industry across the country is complicated. We’ve talked about it plenty of times. It’s safe to say just about every water purveyor across the country has their own test report form. Sure, they all have *about* the same information on them – they just like to have it formatted in a specific way.

Backflow Tracking Software is a means of making it easier for you to collect the information the water purveyors you work with need and getting it to them in the most efficient means possible.

We’re making that easier than it’s every been before!

Now when you signup for Syncta, we’ll automatically show you a list of all of the nearby water purveyors we already have test report forms for. This gets you up and running fast! We aren’t just talking about a few water purveyors in the major cities. We have report forms for water purveyors in every state and Canada. More than 600 of them!

Getting started with Syncta has changed a little bit. We’re removing as much work as possible to get you testing devices in the field faster than anyone else.

Let’s look at what getting started with us looks like now:

Your basic signup information –


The next page is a quick run through of the very basics about your company – most importantly how much you charge for a test & your company’s address. We use your address to look up nearby water purveyors you might work with.


With that information the next page is the list of all the water purveyors we have ready to go–sorted by how far it is from your company address. It’s as easy as selecting which ones your work with. If a water purveyor you work with isn’t there just hit the “my water purveyor isn’t listed!” button and share some details about them.


That’s really it. Obviously there are other pieces of information you should enter before you’re sending tests to water purveyors, but with just those few pieces of information you can create a new customer and test a device–we’ll generate a test report for it with the proper layout for your water purveyor.

After you’ve got your water purveyors in there we’re off to creating a customer and then testing a new device for that customer – check out the process below.

Less than 5 minutes from signup to generating test reports – yes, it’s that easy & that fast. Give our backflow tracking software a try-Free!

Changing Backflow Tracking Software is hard – we’re making it a lot easier

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