Water and History

March 11th is World Plumber’s Day

March 11th is World Plumber’s Day In one of my blog posts last year, I wrote about how there’s a “celebration” day or month for just about everything. Some of them, like National Cheese Day (June 4th), might elicit more excitement than March’s National Celery Month. But others, like today’s World Plumbing day, were created […]

Today is Giving Tuesday: Water organizations

Today is Giving Tuesday. This day, which falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, began in 2012. Huge corporations joined together to give back to charities and individuals, focusing on swinging against the pendulum of consumerism. I’m not here to bash consumerism though–I like capitalism, and I enjoy buying Christmas gifts probably more than I […]

World Water Day

Tomorrow is World Water Day. It’s a day that was initially suggested in 1992 in Rio De Janeiro and officially adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993. Rather than being a stagnant observance, the theme of the World Water Day evolves and shifts depending on the current and future challenges. This year, the theme for […]

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