Tech Thursday

WaterStart: Bringing Water Technologies to the Desert

When you think of Las Vegas, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A water oasis? Probably not. In the middle of the Nevada desert, Las Vegas stands out with bright lights, huge buildings, and hot black pavement. While most of the hotels have at least one pool, Vegas is not a wet region, […]

Syncta’s API is now publicly available

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] A few weeks ago I talked about wanting to make the backflow industry a more connected industry. (Hey, it’s called cross connection after all.) Today we’re opening access to our API. Get started with it right now What the heck is an API & why do I care? API stands for Application Programming […]

SaaS: Learn how Software as a Service is Key to your Business

It’s 2017. You’re likely using some form of SaaS (Software as a Service) without even thinking about it: if not for business reasons, then at least personally. Some of the Saas that I use on a daily basis include Dropbox,(where I store both business and personal items,) Twitter -only for business, actually!- Slack, where I […]

Can your customers get a hold of you quickly?

Last week I talked about making sure your website is fast – for a number of reasons. This week let’s look at another quick improvement you can make to your online presence that only takes a few minutes to set up. Can your Customers get a hold of you quickly? Google recently released a new […]

Make your backflow website stand out

It’s Tech Thursday! How many times have I talked about having a good backflow website? More than a couple times. I’ve discussed utilizing marketing correctly, things to avoid when building a website, and how Syncta can provide you a website via our portal. Today I wanted to point you towards a tool you should consider […]

Making backflow a more connected industry

We live in a connected world. I’ve talked about this more times than I can count. A system can’t stand on its own – it needs to interact with other systems, and communicate with both other internal systems to your business and systems that are outside of your business. The backflow industry is lagging behind […]

Backend Processing – why do we do it? To save you time.

We’ve talked about backend processing a few times. It was the cause of our largest outage a few weeks ago as well as something we’ve mentioned a few times in the past around speeding up our application. Backend processing lets us reduce how long you wait while working on things. Let’s look into the details […]

Work for a Water Purveyor? Let’s chat – we can save you WEEKS of staff time.

In our time at Backflow & Cross Connection Trade shows and reaching out to testing companies, we’ve had the pleasure of talking with a lot of water purveyors. One of the few questions I try to ask all of them is, ‘What’s your biggest problem?’ I get a lot of different answers but it’s just […]

Current updates: Location coordinates, and font size

It’s 2017, and we’re not slowing down with feature updates! Making changes is how we keep up with tech – or, more importantly, ahead of the curve. It’s how we create a better product. What has Syncta updated to help you out over the past week or so? A couple things! Having a native app […]

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