Corpus Christi to talk about water quality control

Over the past several weeks, Corpus Christi’s water supply has been in the news more than the city would like. The truth is this: the backflow incident at the base of center of these news articles could likely have been avoided. How often should a city require backflow testing? Most recently, Corpus Christi has decided […]

Cross connection program: how cities abide by backflow regulations

Backflow prevention has been in the news more in the last week than the entirety of 2016! Instead of haranguing the backflow issues that Corpus Christie is undergoing right now, I thought it’d be interesting to look into other water purveyors. More specifically, how water districts and health agencies administer their cross connection programs.

Low-income communities suffer from inadequate plumbing

Each Monday morning I spend an hour or so reading recent articles focusing on water. Today, I found myself down a rabbit hole of articles focused on inadequate plumbing in low-income communities.  Residents in a trailer park in Milton-Freewater, Oregon don’t have access to safe drinking water. In fact, they haven’t been able to access drinking water for […]

Septic Tanks–when to get it pumped?

While I talk about backflow testing often, I actually don’t have a backflow device. It doesn’t mean I don’t practice what I preach; I just recently moved to the “country,” and have adjusted to having well water, and I haven’t installed any real form of sprinkler system–I currently use soaker hoses. One very real change in […]

Signatures: One isn’t always as valid as the next

My mom loves getting mail from me, so she sends stamps periodically to me so that I’ll address little cards to her and my dad. I have to be honest, I hardly know where to purchase stamps other than the obvious post office. (Do grocers still sell them? I honestly don’t know.) Despite my ignorance of where […]

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