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New Features There’s no question that we’re living in unprecedented times right now. For many of us, most aspects of our daily life have been altered as we continue to find a new normal. Here at Syncta, we’re grateful that we have the flexibility to continue serving our customers without interruption. In fact, we’ve been […]

March 11th is World Plumber’s Day

March 11th is World Plumber’s Day In one of my blog posts last year, I wrote about how there’s a “celebration” day or month for just about everything. Some of them, like National Cheese Day (June 4th), might elicit more excitement than March’s National Celery Month. But others, like today’s World Plumbing day, were created […]

Keeping Your Drinking Water Safe

It’s been more than five years since the water crisis began in Flint, Michigan. It all started in April 2014 when the city switched their water supply to the Flint River in an effort to save money. Inadequate treatment of the highly polluted water resulted in corrosion in the pipes, which leached lead into the […]

Fire Awareness during the Holidays

The Holidays: the first thing you think of might not be fire awareness! Instead, you might think of decorating Christmas trees and driving around to look at Christmas lights on homes. Lights, candles, and toasty warm fires all play a huge role in the festivities this time of year – holiday parties wouldn’t go so […]

Water Infrastructure: Imagine a Day Without Water

Today is Imagine a Day Without Water. For many Puerto Ricans right now, that’s not so hard to imagine. Water infrastructure is one of those out-of-sight out-of-mind things. Even when you’re pouring a pot of water from the tap to boil pasta, water isn’t what most people think about. Out of Sight, Out of Mind […]

Air Quality for Backflow Testing

Usually when we talk of air quality safety for backflow testers, it’s when we’re referencing testing in vaults. However, with 74 major wildfires burning on the western coast states right now, air quality is pretty awful over here. Walking outside to get the mail has my eyes watering – air quality is no joke! Vaults […]

It’s Hot in the Pacific Northwest! Ways to Stay a Little Cooler.

Phew- it’s hot in Oregon, today! In fact, we’ve got a heat wave that is expected to last at least through the work week. With highs in the 100’s, industry workers outside are going to be feeling the heat, literally. While places in the South might scoff at these temperatures, one of the large problems […]

Water Safety month: Water Safety Tips for Summertime

Did you know May is Water Safety Month? June is around the corner, and here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve finally had more than 2 sunny days in a row! We’ve had a 40 degree difference over the past week. Yikes! More than anything, this heat wave is a reminder that Summer is on its […]

Corpus Christi to talk about water quality control

Over the past several weeks, Corpus Christi’s water supply has been in the news more than the city would like. The truth is this: the backflow incident at the base of center of these news articles could likely have been avoided. How often should a city require backflow testing? Most recently, Corpus Christi has decided […]

Cross connection program: how cities abide by backflow regulations

Backflow prevention has been in the news more in the last week than the entirety of 2016! Instead of haranguing the backflow issues that Corpus Christie is undergoing right now, I thought it’d be interesting to look into other water purveyors. More specifically, how water districts and health agencies administer their cross connection programs.

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