Fire Protection

Air Quality for Backflow Testing

Usually when we talk of air quality safety for backflow testers, it’s when we’re referencing testing in vaults. However, with 74 major wildfires burning on the western coast states right now, air quality is pretty awful over here. Walking outside to get the mail has my eyes watering – air quality is no joke! Vaults […]

Why don’t more home owners install fire sprinklers?

Recently, The Kansas City Star argued that installing fire sprinklers in new homes is a no-brainer. Losing a home is one thing. Losing a family member? That’s on a different level. Does it fall on the government to regulate fire-suppression sprinklers though? Maryland and California think it does, and both states have adopted fire-suppression regulations […]

NFPA 2016 Conference & Expo – Las Vegas

The 2016 NFPA Conference & Expo in Vegas was the first conference I’ve attended as part of Syncta. It was a great experience and a good way to expand my knowledge in the fire safety arena – an area I’m relatively unfamiliar with in comparison to the rest of the backflow industry. It’s a big conference! I […]

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