Watts Employees Impacted by February’s Winter Storms

Watts Employees Impacted by February’s Winter Storms Last month brought an unprecedented cold snap across the country, with temperatures dipping well below zero in many states. Here in Oregon, we experienced the worst ice storm we’ve had in more than 20 years. Tens of thousands of people lost power, including some of our team members […]

Go Green With Syncta!

Go Green With Syncta! According to a 2018 study by the Environmental Protection Agency, paper and paper board waste made up more than 23% of the total waste generated annually in the United States. Making up the largest percentage of all waste materials, that’s more than 67 million tons of paper waste per year! Electronic […]

Keeping Your Drinking Water Safe

It’s been more than five years since the water crisis began in Flint, Michigan. It all started in April 2014 when the city switched their water supply to the Flint River in an effort to save money. Inadequate treatment of the highly polluted water resulted in corrosion in the pipes, which leached lead into the […]

Keep Your Lawn Green Without Breaking the Bank

For those of you who don’t live in the northwest, you might not know that we have some of the best summers around. While we get a lot of rain during the winter and spring, you just can’t beat the summer and fall months in Oregon. Compared to most parts of the country, our temperatures […]

With Day Zero Looming, Cape Town Searches for Solutions

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’re well aware that Cape Town is facing an absolute national disaster. The metro area, which is home to about four million people, is facing a drought so severe that “Day Zero” is looming: a day when there will be no fresh water left. Several weeks ago, […]

The Clean Water Rule: Repeal or Revise

In February, the Trump administration issued an executive order to review the Clean Water Rule of 2015. The Clean Water Rule, also called “Waters of the United States,” regulates which bodies of water are Federally protected. These protected bodies of water are used for any variety of reasons: drinking, farming, industry, and recreation. The initial […]

Hydrological year – Average Precipitation across the Country

A hydrological year, or water year, runs from October 1st of one year, to September 30th of the following. It’s how precipitation is measured when a climate says they receive X amount of precipitation annually. As an example, Seattle receives an average of 37.49 inches of precipitation annually. However, that’s obviously an average. With the […]

Oroville Dam: Aging Infrastructure. Where’s the Preventative Maintenance?

Maintaining old, aging infrastructure is difficult. This was shown to be true recently in the Oroville dam incident this past week. The Dam Emergency The dam, located near Sacramento, California is the tallest in the nation. With the influx of heavy rains, dam operators decided to use the concrete main spillway to avoid an overflow […]

Today is Giving Tuesday: Water organizations

Today is Giving Tuesday. This day, which falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, began in 2012. Huge corporations joined together to give back to charities and individuals, focusing on swinging against the pendulum of consumerism. I’m not here to bash consumerism though–I like capitalism, and I enjoy buying Christmas gifts probably more than I […]

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