Drinking Water

The Clean Water Rule: Repeal or Revise

In February, the Trump administration issued an executive order to review the Clean Water Rule of 2015. The Clean Water Rule, also called “Waters of the United States,” regulates which bodies of water are Federally protected. These protected bodies of water are used for any variety of reasons: drinking, farming, industry, and recreation. The initial […]

Drinking Water Week 2017 – This is what we’re doing to help.

It’s Drinking Water Week! Enforcing backflow testing regulations may just be one part of insuring clean water – but it’s an important one, and we do what we can to help ensure clean drinking water. Our most recent updates to Syncta help you run your backflow testing business smoother. That way, you can be a […]

Is partial lead service line replacement helpful or harmful?

In 1991, the Environmental Protection Agency published the Lead and Copper rule. There was clear evidence at the time that both copper and lead in drinking water caused health problems. So what did the rule actually state? Essentially, the EPA stated samples had to be taken directly from customer’s tap water. If lead concentrations rose […]

World Plumbing Day – Other Countries Plumbing Woes and Solutions

Next week is World Plumbing Day. I’ve talked about areas in the United States that have less than ideal plumbing situations. From Flint, Michigan’s lead-laden water, to the plumbing woes of low income communities, clean drinking water and adequate plumbing isn’t always accessible. Today though, I decided to focus on some of the different ways […]

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