Syncta’s API is now publicly available


A few weeks ago I talked about wanting to make the backflow industry a more connected industry. (Hey, it’s called cross connection after all.) Today we’re opening access to our API. Get started with it right now

What the heck is an API & why do I care?

API stands for Application Programming Interface – a set of programming instructions and standard for accessing Syncta. It means other software applications, tools, & websites can interact directly with our system. With APIs, applications talk to each other without any user knowledge or intervention. (Don’t worry – you have to provide your credentials to both apps before this can work. APIs are secure, and used constantly in modern software.)

Why do you care? It’s another means to interact with the data & processes contained within Syncta. As a water utility you can allow testing companies using another solution to submit tests to you via the Syncta API: no more paper! As a testing company, you can synchronize your customer data with another internal system so it’s always up-to-date with Syncta. The things you can do with an API are nearly limitless.

Just about everything you can do in Syncta on your mobile device or computer can be done through the API.

You can even use our API to import data in to excel anyway you’d like –

In the short term we’re working on putting together API bindings for common langauges – .Net, Javascript, & Ruby to start. Any other languages you’d like to see? Are you a developer looking to integrate with Syncta? Check out the docs, and get a hold of us if you need something that is missing. We’d love to know what you’re building, too!

We think this is another great way to encourage the backflow industry to be more open to sharing and integrating information between sources. We know you aren’t using just one system. It should be easy to integrate & move your data between two applications seamlessly and securely.


Syncta’s API is now publicly available

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