Current updates: Location coordinates, and font size

It’s 2017, and we’re not slowing down with feature updates! Making changes is how we keep up with tech – or, more importantly, ahead of the curve. It’s how we create a better product. What has Syncta updated to help you out over the past week or so? A couple things!

Having a native app changes how we create features and updates

Before we had native apps, customers used Syncta in a web browser on their smartphones and tablets. Now, when we make changes to our product, it takes longer to see the changes made. Apple and Google have to approve changes. That’s not that big of a deal, because they typically turn around approvals within a day or so. Over the holidays a pretty basic change took 10 days though. 10 days is a long time when we’re used to being able to fix problems for our customers in an hour or so. It also has changed how we well we can commit to a feature or fix being available in the app by a certain date or time.

Font size updates

The app requires us to think a little differently. It also means we GET to think a little differently. Recently, a customer mentioned it was hard for them to see the text of Syncta on their phone. The obvious action for us to take was to allow the user to choose what font size to display. That’s our first update! Changing how you view and interact with Syncta means you can use it how You want. You now have the option to change font size if you’re using android or apple apps – totally customizable per user. When we were adding that option on the user profile page we also spruced up that page to have more information in one place – update your password, email or signature all in one place.

Location, Location, Location

I’ve talked about geolocation in the past a few times. It’s a strong benefit of taking technology into the field. We’re stepping up what we do with it in a few ways. People are critically protective of their geospatial location in the universe. (I get it!) We have a new company option that allows your company to opt in to us capturing your location when you perform certain actions. We’re then able to show you where you were when you performed those actions.

The first place you’ll see this attachments – you can now see where that attachment was uploaded. Over the course of the last month or so, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback of where else the attachment option could be utilized, and in what way. So now, if you allow Syncta to use your location, you can see exactly where you added an attachment. The first time you upload an attachment after changing the company option to allow location information you’ll get a popup asking for us to know your location. Rest assured your company is the only place that data will ever be.

The second place isn’t available quite yet, but you’ll soon be able to see where a test is actually performed. Capturing test results and location simultaneously will work anywhere our app does – like in the field, where backflow tests are completed.

Current updates: Location coordinates, and font size

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