Brrr! Get ready for cold winter weather.

With a large storm slated to hit many of the states this week, I’m ready to make a hot toddy, turn on a Christmas movie, and snuggle down with my dogs. Well, almost. First, I have to do a few not-so-fun pre-winter weather chores. Winter storm Decima, which may very well decimate any hopes of a dry, warm week for many, will be arriving before the weekend.

Here are some handy tips and ideas to insure you’re prepared for winter weather.

First off, I’m assuming you’ve winterized your sprinkler system. If not, do that now! If you’re looking for an in-depth article of how to winterize your sprinklers, check out Backyard Boss’s blog post here – that way you can make sure you’re winterizing your irrigation system thoroughly and not making any mistakes.

Insulate your pipes! I think I’ve preached about this enough. If you haven’t yet, (and you can still get to the pipes below your house without digging through 3 feet of snow,) insulate your pipes. Most homes have insulated pipes, but if it’s something you’ve just put off until now, go ahead and do it. No time like the present!

Clean out those gutters. Aside from being dangerous and downright nasty, those icicles hanging from your eaves force the melting snow to not being able to drain well. Thus, your roof is sustaining more weight than is necessary.

What about your car or truck? Winterize your auto before the winter weather hits! Check your battery (often offered for free at local tire shops) and tire pressure.

Clean out your car gutters of funky leaves and debris.

If you’re planning to travel in the snow over the holidays, get chains now. If you wait, you might be the unlucky one to not find ones to fit your tires. Many mountain passes require chains or snow tires this time of year.

Stay warm! It’s going to get chilly out there. If you can, hunker down with a warm cup of somethin’ lovely and enjoy the snow.

Brrr! Get ready for cold winter weather.

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