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The past few weeks Jeremiah and I have been busy! Last week we were down in San Antonio, Texas for the National American Backflow Prevention Association Conference. This week, we were up in Yakima, Washington to check out the Washington Association of Sewer & Water Districts Spring Conference and Tradeshow. Between that, we’ve been kicking out a few updates as well.

Going Widescreen

Previously our application had grey bars on the sides. This past week we changed it to be full screen! What are your thoughts on the widescreen? Is it easier for you to view things? We’re hoping that by adding more space, some of the pages feel less crammed.

Map Showing All Customers and Devices

Ever wonder what it would look like to see all your customers on one map? Or while in the field have you thought it would be nice to see what devices are near you? Well now you can! On the customer’s page we have added a button “Show on Map” that will display all of your customers and devices on the map. We even color coded the devices so you can see which ones have been recently tested.

Location of Images

When pictures are uploaded into Syncta we now show you exactly where that photo was taken, not just where it was uploaded at. This can be extremely helpful when trying to locate those hard-to-find devices. You can either select the map pin to have it open in Google or you can see where it is at on the map within Syncta:

Location of Users

On the Users page within the Administration section you can now see where your other team members are at. This feature must first be enabled within Company Options by your administrator(s) and your location will only be captured while our application is open on your device. This can be helpful for finding someone close to help you out or if you have an emergency request that you need to find the closest technician to handle. Not intended for tracking your favorite napping locations 🙂

Routing Improvements

  • First page when starting a route now shows you a summary of all the stops setup for the day – this helps plan for the whole day
  • Internal comments are highlighted yellow so they are not missed
  • After a test has been submitted it will remove that stop from the route
  • Completed tests now change to green – making it easy to know which ones are done when there are many stops on a route
  • Route points are updated daily to make sure their geolocation is as accurate as possible – to ensure you are navigating to the correct location

We’re also doing a lot of things behind the scenes that most of our customers aren’t seeing yet. Invoicing and Notifications are two big features that we have in beta right now. Keep an eye out for additional details regarding these soon to be released features!

Let us know your thoughts on these changes and if there is anything else we can do to make them work better for you. As always, we love hearing from you!


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