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We created the Billing feature of Syncta to make sure your business stays organized. 

When The Syncta Team contemplated things we wanted to include, billing wasn’t the first thing we thought about. With other full-featured account software already dominating that side of the market, it didn’t make sense for us to create a product that was already out there. Instead, the Syncta Team put together the billing feature on our software for tracking who you’ve billed, and who you have yet to bill.

Billing Whether you employ an accountant to do your books or keep track of them yourself, the easiest way isn’t to chip away at invoices and billing throughout the week. More often than not you’ve set aside a day or a few hours each week to get your finances straightened and settled, instead of billing each invoice whenever a backflow device is tested and reported. If you’re like many of our customers, you’re using QuickBooks to record your business transactions, and we’re not looking to change that.

So, is the billing feature a replacement for Quickbooks? If I don’t use the feature, will I be messing up my books?

In a short answer: you’re not messing anything up by not using it, but we think it’s a pretty handy feature. We put the billing feature in the Syncta app so you can track if you’ve billed or not yet billed each customer–and see quickly who still needs to be billed.  Syncta isn’t a replacement for your backflow testing accounting. Our billing feature is simply so you can line up your billing with our software. Ultimately, what we are looking to do is streamline and keep your backflow business organized. Revolutionizing how you record your billing isn’t what we’re trying to do.

As soon as you submit a test report to a water purveyor by emailing or printing it, you’re able to navigate to “Billing” and see the customers that need to be billed. There is a clear section each for Ready to Bill and Recently Billed. You’re able to see the last 30 days of customers billed. If you are choosing to print invoices for customers, you can quickly print off the test reports to mail them together, so that you don’t have to keep track of a backflow report during the interim between completing a test and billing a customer. 

Will we be looking to add additional features to our billing menu?

We’re always searching for ways to make our customers happy and organized–so we’re not completely cutting out the idea of billing taking on a larger role in our software; now simply isn’t the time. As our customer portal evolves, keep your eye on how we’ll be integrating customer payments with Syncta, which will be the biggest way that the billing feature evolves.

If you haven’t yet, sign up for our free trial. Let Syncta streamline your backflow testing business.


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