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Getting paid. It’s pretty essential to keep a business going. Keeping track of who you’ve bill, when you bill them, and if they’ve paid is fundamental to insuring your books are straight. Many companies use QuickBooks–we do!  We don’t want to re-create the wheel for accounting software. However, we do want to make sure your backflow tests line up with your accounts — it’s the reason we  built out a billing section.

Our customers help shape nearly every aspect of Syncta. Without them, we’d have a software that we built off our backflow experience, but wouldn’t necessarily work for a huge section of backflow testers. When a customer recently asked us to consider clearing up the billing page, we wanted to know how. With a few suggestions in our pocket, we set forth to make it more intuitive and better.

On our billing page, there are several sections: Ready to Bill, Recently Billed, and Recently Paid. 

Select All

Ready to Bill now has our “select all” option–a suggestion by a customer. This might seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes we get so wrapped up in other details that we can’t see the obvious fixes. Thank goodness for awesome customers.


Now, you can select all the tests you’ve recently billed, and at the bottom of the page simply click “mark as billed.” You can always do it individually as well.  This cuts out the annoying part of clicking “mark as billed” for each one when toggling between Syncta and your accounting software.

Recently Billed

After that, you can see your recently billed customers–just like marking them as billed, you can batch select them all to mark as paid.


You can quickly skim to see when you billed a customer, making it easy to follow up with someone who has an outstanding bill.

And, as is important in every business, you can see who has recenlty paid. A business without income won’t succeed.  As always,feel free to give us a try. See if we can help you organize, and help you make more money.


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