Quiz: What type of Backflow Prevention Device are You?

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I wanted to get away from some of the more serious blogs for a bit, so I put together a fun quiz for you to take – What Type of Backflow Prevention Device are You?

Backflow preventers vary so much in how they perform, where they are installed, and how high of hazard they can prevent. So, go ahead and take the quiz here, and see if you’d make the perfect Vacuum Breaker or if you’re really more of a Reduced Pressure Assembly.

Don’t take this too seriously as it’s meant to just be a bit of silly quiz, and none of us are made up of check valves. If you don’t like your results, go ahead and take it again.

Note: Right before you get to the results page, you’ll come to a “sign up” page that you can simply skip.

So, which backflow type are you? I’m a PVB! Thanks for having some fun with us this week!


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