Smiling Faces and Helpful Tips for backflow management

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We’ve recently added some helpful hints to our Syncta application, so if it’s the first time you’re logging in recently, you may see some smiling faces in the corners. I’m proud of to say that one of them is me–I’m happy that I get to help you with some of our features!

Getting started

When The Syncta Team was brainstorming we tried to decide which was the best place to put our smiles and helpful tips. Ultimately, we decided the first place we wanted to make sure you had a helping hand was under Administration. The base of the business, Administration includes Users (like you, your testers, your office administrators,) and Gauges, Water Purveyors (so that this is automatically generated in your test reports and sent off to the right place via email or paper form) and Prices. After all, without Test Prices your business wouldn’t exactly be a business!

Throughout the Software

Syncta backflow conversation

Start a conversation with us!

For first-time users, the hints we provide help lead the way through the backflow testing software–but as always, wherever you need more help, let us know. If there’s a place missing a handy hint that you’d like to see pop-up, let us know and I, or our of my team members, will make sure to provide one for the next time you log in.

Have you noticed these hints? Do you find them to be informative enough for you? Rather than inundate you with information, we tried to keep the tips quick and short. Whenever you need more info with the backflow management process though, the Syncta Team is just a click away with the gray question mark in the bottom Left corner.   You can start a new conversation, or reply directly to the hint to get in contact with us.

Where are we Heading Next?

On the docket for the next few months is the full development of our Customer Portal. We’re playing with some ideas of what your customers need most, but that seems a bit unfair to your business. It makes more sense to have you let us know what your customers like, and where you see your business being able to flourish with the introduction of the Customer Portal.  One thing we’ve definitely realized is that paying up front, online, is a key to making backflow businesses more profitable. Accepting payment at the time of scheduling a backflow test streamlines your testing business that much more. We’re eager to help simplify in every way we can!

The Syncta Team has also begun to compile a list of some of the more frequently asked questions, which we’ll be including in the software withing the next several months. We want to be able to answer your questions as timely as possible–so we’re categorizing answers so that you can browse them. This also lets you find out tricks and tips about both the app and backflow testing management in general. We’re pretty lucky–Our customers give incredible feedback and explanations, and we get to share those ideas with you.


If you haven’t yet, sign up for our free trial. Let Syncta streamline your backflow testing business.


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