Backflow Devices – What are you most likely to see in the field?

It’s been a while since I’ve been out in the field testing backflow devices – about 12 years now (wow, has it really been that long?!)

For me, if you say “backflow device” a Febco 805Y or a Watts 007 M1 QT pops in to my head. I spent my time primarily testing residential devices, so that makes sense.

How’s my experience compare with today? Let’s look at what devices our customers are testing in the field.

This data is averages from our customers spread across the US & Canada. It certainly isn’t all encompassing, but it’s a good collection from a lot of different testing companies: from commercial-only outfits to the solo residential warriors.

We’ll probably put together another view of this data and related down the road- you see big differences when we look at different states & regions in the country as far as what devices are installed where.

Device Size:
Some surprising results here I wasn’t necessarily expecting — but it fell in line with my experience testing.

Our top 5 most frequently occurring device sizes:

Size %
1″ 48%
3/4″ 14%
1/2″ 9%
2″ 7%
1 1/2″ 7%

Devices 2″ and over account for 15% of the total.

Device Manufacturers:
I don’t think there are any surprises here from my experience

Manufacturer %
Watts 37%
Wilkins 36%
Febco 13%
Conbraco 9%
Ames 4%

Device Models – let’s look at the top 10 of these.

Manufacturer %
Wilkins 950 XL 8%
Wilkins 720A 8%
Wilkins 975XL 6%
Wilkins 950XLT 6%
Watts 007M1QT 5%
Watts 009QT 5%
Febco 805Y 5%
Watts 009M2QT 4%
Watts 7 3%
Febco 850 2%

No surprise to see this dominated by Wilkins & Watts based on our manufacturer breakdown.

How does this compare to your experience testing? Any other interesting ways to look at device installations that you’d like to see?

Backflow Devices – What are you most likely to see in the field?

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