The average price of backflow tests across the country in 2016

What’s the average price to have your backflow device tested annually?

The typical rate for backflow device testing can actually vary greatly within one area. Some places charge as little as twenty bucks, and a place 5 miles away could be charging $75.

Prices: More than What Meets the Eye

When you go to schedule your backflow test, make sure to price check a couple places. Not only do some companies offer coupons during certain months, others may include a lot more options in their price.  Many of the cheaper tests are just as valid as the more expensive ones, but the steeper prices are often that way for a reason. They may include cleaning if your test initially fails, or minor repair work. Other backflow companies automatically incorporate re-tests if your backflow device does not pass the first time around.   If you need to have your sprinkler system winterized in the autumn before a freeze sets in, consider asking your tester  if they have package rates. This could end up saving you a lot!

Why is mine more expensive than my neighbor’s?

I recently put together a spread of the average prices of residential backflow tests throughout the U.S. One of the major circumstances factoring in to price was whether the backflow tester relied on the customer to be present to test the device. This meant that if the backflow device was behind a locked gate, required scheduling ahead of time, or in any way required a specific appointment, it costed more. Typically, a residential backflow test takes around 10 or 15 minutes, so a tester may quickly stop by an area to complete all the tests within a neighborhood. Afterwards, the tester typically takes care of the required paperwork that is sent to the city. However, if that tester is unable to complete your test, they have to return another date or time–essentially a service call that takes the tester away from another area. Anything that is a last minute or requires an appointment simply costs more.

Okay okay…but what’s the general price of backflow tests in my area?

Let’s get to the interesting stuff! Price varies greatly across the country, here’s an infographic to show you just how much!

[infogram id=”d9c7a81e-4c23-41a1-9428-0d187f4b24b0″]


The average price of backflow tests across the country in 2016

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