Author: Brock

We’re Hiring!

You know how I’m always talking about growing a business? Well, we’re growing! And that means we’re hiring! Right now, we have several positions open, and we’re looking to fill them with enthusiastic, talented candidates! Remote Positions We have two remote positions open for developers: Lead Ruby on Rails Engineer and Lead React Native Engineer […]

The 80/20 Rule – How to Prioritize for your Tomorrows

How do you prioritize for your tomorrows? Did you know that during a typical work day, you accomplish the most important 80% of your work during just 20% of your day? That means the other 6.5 hours of your workday accounts for 20% of your work. Today I tried to evaluate what the “most important” […]

It’s almost May – Keep your Workers Healthy & Happy during Peak Season.

I cannot believe that May is just around the corner. As a kid, I’d make funnels out of bright construction paper and fill them with wildflowers and weeds, and hang them on my neighbors doorknobs on May Day: an attempt at a May Day Basket. In other countries in the world, May Day is recognized […]

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