Apple & Encryption – Where do you fall?

If you haven’t heard on Tuesday a federal judge ordered Apple to help them unlock the phone belonging to  the San Bernardino shooters.

Apple’s CEO responded with a strong call for encryption in an open letter.

We’re a tech company, and we’re pretty in touch with internet security & encryption is one facet of that. I’ve been amazed at how polarizing this issue has been in the last few days.

More than that I’ve been astonished at how far-reaching this event has been. I’ve had friends and family who personify the antithesis of technology, and they’ve come to me asking my thoughts with strong opinions on both sides of the issue.

I think it’s great that core components of internet security are becoming more mainstream… but just like net neutrality there are a lot of technical issues & concerns that go far below the surface.

I don’t want to dissect the details or cover potential methods – I put myself to sleep when I start talking information security.

Instead how about a few pieces from both sides of the subject that you might find interesting?

Apple and Encryption: Different perspectives

Techdirt talks about the limitations of the request

Family member of murdered soldier strongly decries Apple for not unlocking

Google’s CEO sides with Apple ‘could be a troubling precedent’

The Guardian breaks down the backstory to the events and where we’re at today

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named ‘Who do they think they are?’ in response to apple not unlocking the phone

NY Law Enforcement: Apple encryption helps criminals

It’s a hot issue for sure. Ensuring information is kept secure is critical across so much of the internet – from your bank’s website to your email and everywhere in between. C3 certainly isn’t excluded – we take security seriously.

But where is the right balance point? Where do you fall on the topic?

Apple & Encryption – Where do you fall?

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