Capturing a Customer’s Signature and Adding attachments

We do a lot of behind-the-scenes work that our customers might never notice affect them – ranging from cleaning up code to making pages run faster. Today, for instance, we’re talking about upgrading to the most recent version of Rails (the framework our application runs on) to make sure that we’re up-to-date. As a customer though, you’d never really notice these things directly.

However, two of our most recent additions to our application are definitely more apparent to our customers.

Attaching Files to a Customer Page

The first one is that of allowing attachments to an individual customer’s page.

This could be helpful in numerous ways – but the nice thing is you can choose how to utilize it. You may want to attach copies of invoices there. Or perhaps you’d want to use it for pictures of where a device is if it’s a particularly strange or hard-to-find place. There’s no limit to how many attachments you can have per customer/test either–so whatever you want to use it for, go for it. We also want to make this valuable to you – so we’d love recommendations on where else you think it’d be useful.

Capturing a Customer’s Signature

If your water districts require customer’s signatures on their backflow test report then you’re in luck! We’ve integrated a similar box to how a tester initially records their signature. This one, however, is on the test screen instead of under admin. It’s likely you’ve signed a screen while checking out at a store with a credit card. Maybe when your UPS person drops off something requiring a signature, you’ve signed electronically. This is very similar to that. You can have a customer sign the screen of your smartphone or tablet, or if you use a non-touch-screen computer, you can capture the signature with a mouse.

Capturing a Customer’s Signature and Adding attachments

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