A/B Testing and how it makes Syncta better

I’ve previously mentioned I grew up testing backflow devices. Syncta is here today because I was disappointed with the options on the market for test management software.

It probably comes as no surprise that the general application workflow is based on my idea of what a perfect day of backflow testing looks like.

But just because it’s the way that I like it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for everyone. I’m not nearly [smug enough] to believe that my way is the right way. So we employ a few techniques to ensure that the workflow user’s get in Syncta is optimized for everyone – not just what *I* think it should be.

One of these methods is known as A/B testing. Let’s look at what that means in a bit more detail.

A/B Testing Image
A/B Testing is all about finding what works best for your customers

A/B testing is the process of making a change to something and seeing which of the options is better. It’s a means of continuous improvement.

In the online world you’ll most often hear about A/B testing in marketing – generally to identify which version of a webpage is better at convincing a user to signup or buy a product.

We use A/B testing for that – sure, that’s just prudent. But we aren’t done once a user signs up – we want to ensure that every user has the best possible experience in Syncta every day.

First things first – we don’t experiment on our entire user base, That can be confusing for people that are used to using an application and the next time it looks different – even subtly. That has come up in the news occasionally – Facebook’s large efforts are probably most notable. We work with a group of our customers that have asked to be included in new product development to see what works best for them.

Showing recent A/B tests that we’ve performed would be really boring. Turns out our users greatly prefer the blue button to the red button. They also like a bigger entry window on the mobile search, really shocking stuff here!

Rather than going through those boring examples of subtle changes that are helping us make our application subtly better all the time I figured I’d provide some interesting reading about A/B Testing.

Smashing Magazine – The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing

kissmetrics – Beginner’s guide to A/B Testing

Free udacity course on A/B testing

A/B testing is another wrench in our toolbox that we use to make sure that we’re making the best possible application for everyone

A/B Testing and how it makes Syncta better

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